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She’s just the weirdest person in the world. And she’s, like, SO pretty, but what’s amazing about Karen is that her beauty is not part of her personality at all. She’s so unaware of it. You know how some people are really beautiful and they go, “oh, I’m beautiful,” but she’s really not, and she’s really funny and really ridiculous.


new video up babes!  WHY I’M A….FEMINIST *gasp!!* *shock!!!1* *horror!!!!*

i know, i know.  gender equality is a terrifying thing here on the interwebs.  here are just a few (err…60) of the reasons i’m a feminist.

are you?


Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night (detail), 1889

Happy Birthday van Gogh.

Picture taken on March 17, 2013 at the MoMA. 


I fucking LOVE earth day Im going to stick a TREE up my ASS





Billy On The Street: It’s Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler!


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